Where We Play

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As long as I can remember, that Chevrolet Belaire has been parked on Ocean Drive. Its nostalgia reminds you of the rich history of Miami. We venture to South Beach with every intent to turn its paradise into our personal playground. This piece was as fun to design as it looks. I wanted to design in such a way that it really hits home as to the exuberance you have when taking it all in on Ocean Drive. As a child, I can remember walking around with my matchbox car in hand and rolling it along any and everything as I pretended to drive it. This piece touches on those moments as that Bel-Aire zooms along the avenue. I gave it that ice-cream paint job and waffle cone top just to remind you that this is Where We Play.

Where We Play

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    These pieces are one of a kind and of the utmost exclusivity. Alexander Nicholas Art will never reproduce another one outside of  a piece being damaged in shipping. You are purchasing the most exclusive limited-edition piece of art that Alexander Nicholas Art produces. Each piece is hand signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. There is a hologram identification system that verifies its authenticity. The inks, photopaper, glass and certification are crafted with the finest archival materials that is graded to last beyond 100 yrs. The pieces are face mounted between two pieces of museum/optical grade acrylic glass; providing a sleek and modern appearance.

    Can I order a design on canvas?

    Yes, you can. To assist you in selecting, please contact an Art Specialist via email by simply visiting our contact page.

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